Dana Snow


Dana Snow is the Master of Arms for House Torys. Originally from the North and of bastard birth, Dana and her mother migrated to Kings Landing, and then to Dorne to work for the growing House Torys. While her mother work as a maid, Dana performed scullery work, and scrubbed out the chamber pots. Unknown to her mother, the Master of Arms at the time, Janta Xonder, a former Pentoshi sellsword trained her in the skill and art of the sword after he caught her practicing his moves. He trained her in secret, and was impressed by her natural ability to weld a sword. After awhile, Janta became like a surrogate father, listening to her and coaching her through life.

After Dana’s mother died, Dana petitioned Lord Torys for a position in the Household guard. He denied her on several occasions until she struck a deal with him to work for food and shelter. Dana had acquitted herself admirably, especially while Lord Torys and the House were fighting in The War of Usurper. Lord Torys came back with only a squire, a couple of horses, and Janta in tow. Janta lingered on til a year ago when he finally succumbed to his wounds. Dana was heartbroken. Afterwards, Lord Torys made Dana the new Master of Arms, where she is doing her best to reform House Torys house guard.


Dana Snow

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