Elyana Fyr

Well liked, passionate Lady in Waiting


Elyana is 5’5 with an olive complexion, gold flecked green eyes, ebony hair and a charming smile. She seems to be very well liked, and has many friends on Shell Island.


Elyana Fyr was by all accounts a happy go lucky child, the apple of her Father’s eye. The child of an Ambassador of Dorne to Bravosii, she and her siblings were raised on the tales of Westeros, stories of a golden age. She grew up, paid attention in her lessons and even learned the local language passably well. She was always able to notice the more subtle things in life, a fact that came in handy when a young Lord by the name of Robert Baratheon came to visit. It was at dinner that evening that Elyana caught a glimpse of one of the other guests slipping something into Roberts’ drink. Before he could raise the cup to his lips, she threw herself into his lap,kissing him and purposefully knocking the wine to the floor. She saved his life, but earned the reputation of being too forward, even for a Dornish maid.

Knowing her sister , Margirye would never let her live it down she instead threw herself into a passionate affair with an older man, Syrio Florel. It went on for about a year when rumors of war broke out. Father and Dylan went to join the fight, the women went home to Dorne. Regular communications came and went, one with a surprise as both Father and Dylan decided to return home to Dorn before the end of the conflict.

Robert Baratheon became King. Sadly her time with Father and Mother was cut tragically short when they passed away in a horrible accident at sea. Her sister became Lady of the Household and threatened to marry Elyana off to some boring wealthy merchant. Instead Elyana begged her older Brother to take her away…somewhere, anywhere.

They traveled to Shell Island, both taking positions in the household of Lord Tuttle, whom Dylan had befriended in the Siege of Storm’s End. It’s been two years since they have arrived and Elyana is starting to feel a little restless….

Elyana Fyr

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