Maera Tuttle

Noble in Training


The youngest of the Tuttle children, and the only one not warded out to other families following the War of the Usurper, Maera is now 15 and has spent the past four years learning policy, statecraft, and intrigue from her father, Lord Aleric Tuttle. A pretty girl, Maera is also charismatic and intelligent, and has a passion for learning, and uses her intelligence as her armor in the world of intrigue. She misses her brothers Eric and Simon, but resents their absence in the recent troubling times.

Two years ago, the Master at Arms of Tannenhall defected to the rebels, kidnapping Maera in the process. She was rescued by Dylan Fyr and Ser Gareth Hewett, and the aftermath of the ordeal has made her much more concerned with the longterm stability of her home. She now studies archery with Ser Gareth, and is learning more of intrigue and the ways of the world with her new handmaiden Elyana Fyr. In the wake of Lady Olivia Tuttle’s illness, and the frequent absences of her father, it has fallen more to Maera to lead the house as she considers the well-being of her people and the complications of her own future.

Maera has come to King’s Landing with ambassador’s from another country that have landed upon Shell Island, and despite what she’s overcome, she isn’t sure she’s quite ready for the trials of diplomacy and etiquette in the big city.

Maera Tuttle

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