Maester Dougan


The Young Maester Dougan (Doo-gan) originally hails from the iron islands. Born to a salt wife of a Greyjoy, his father had no hopes for his son when it was discovered the boy could read and write by age three, speak at age four, but could barely hold a short sword and refused to attack his father’s accompanying thrall when he came to visit.

At age six, overhearing a drunken discussion between his father and mother, it became clear to Dougan his father intended to sacrifice him to The Drowned God. He stowed abroad a ship bound for Old Town and, upon arrival, quickly made his way to The Citadel. Accepted due to his prowess in various academics, in ten years he’d forged his chain (albeit small and consisting mostly of silver links). Maester Dougan now serves House Torys faithfully.


Maester Dougan

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