Simon Tuttle

Second Son and Master of Ships


Simon takes after his father’s looks. With pronounced, noble features dominating his face. His brown hair has been lightened to near blond by his extensive time in the sun, and unlike many nobles his skin possesses a tanned, ruddy cast. Wind and work has given him hands far rougher than most nobles and bestowed a taught, ropy strength to him that would be out of place on a knight. When at sea, Simon tends to dress in a simple ensemble consisting of white silken pants and shirt with baggy sleeves, and a doublet made of seal skin died to the purple of his house. On his feet, boots of blackened seal-leather and lined in otter fur.

At court he wears much finer clothing. With black pants and shirt woven from cloth-of-ebony, and a doublet of fine otter-fur, a deep red and emblazoned with the arms of his house above his breast. Over top, a cloak also of cloth of ebony, lined with the fur of silver foxes.


Simon Tuttle

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