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All Hail King Robert!

It’s four years into the rule of Robert Baratheon and the kingdom is at relative peace. In the midst of this peace is a small banner house within the realm the great House Tyrell struggling to survive.

House Tuttle is newly born from the War of the Usuper and holds dominion of a small island off the coast of Westros and north of The Arbor. What it lacks in size, it makes up for in wine. Not a common wine though – King Robert’s favorite.

Although small, the island that House Tuttle protects is occasionally an important target of raiders from the Iron Isles, and of course, the guerrillas that have been fighting the house for the past year.

This is the Season 2 chronicle of House Tuttle and its challenges in a realm that has few friends and plenty of enemies.

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Season 2 – Episode 3: Uncertain Tides

Compass_Rose.jpgHouse Tuttle is playing impromptu escort to a foreign ambassador to Kings Landing. The events in “Mystery Ships” and “Strangers in a Familiar Land” have given the Tuttle’s a unique advantage in opening an avenue of communication with King Robert and cementing a closer relationship with the Iron Throne. Lady Meara and the rest of the house must get there first, which might pose problems in its own right. Even the best plans have come undone when nature and man intercede.

Featured Character

Captain Torius Tuttle


Captain Torius Tuttle, Son of Lyndon Tuttle and nephew to the Lord Aleric Tuttle, has been away “adventuring” on the seas of Westeros since well before his father was sent to the wall. An enigmatic figure, he eshewed the comfortable noble lifestyle for a hard, seafaring life, and it shows. Though only 25 years of age, he looks, and is sometimes wiser, than most expect. His life away from the frills of nobility have also endeared him to the simpler people of Westeros and beyond, but he feels comfortable in the company of anyone, be they a high-born King or a lowly scullery maid.

He was most recently docked at Lannisport and found out his father’s fate through the gossip of the Lannisters at Casterly Rock. Since leaving, his schooner, The Devil’s Tail, and its crew of 11 have been sailing hard for Tannenhall.

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