Amman Torys


The second son of Lord Aldan and Lady Lyssa, Amman Torys was raised to be his brother’s aide. Where the heir apparent was taught by their father the arts of battle and leadership, Amman learned from their mother the subtle practices of politics and society. And as he grew from a boy into a young man, he cultivated an air of seductive charm that has served him well, both within the court and without. The face Amman presents to the world is that of a practiced, experienced hedonist, and though there is truth to that mask, his ambitions are greater. While other schemers ply their skills to serve only themselves, Amman works to improve House Torys’ position in the world. If possible, he seeks to secure his brother’s release, and if not, he would take charge of the family himself.

Since the Battle of the Trident and House Torys’ decline, the relationship between Amman and his father has become strained. They were never particularly familiar (Aldan favoring his first son most), but now, to Lord Aldan, Amman is a bitter reminder of thwarted aspirations.


Amman Torys

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