Amylthaa Wud

Stony Dornish Handmaiden to Lady Torys


Amylthaa is a very attractive 17 years old lady.
Blond hair
Bright blue eyes
Stony Dornish (Rumor to be a distant relative of House Yronwood)
Minor House in the region of the Red Mountains of Northwest Dorne.


Earlier History to come:


Amylthaa had a star cross love affair when she was 13 years old with an slightly older boy from the Reach.

Young Adult:

When she was 15, she achieve a significant deed… (I am thinking of what it might be.)

Recent Event:

A daughter of another minor Lord, Amylthaa was sent by her father to foster at House Torys. Lord Wud asked Lord Torys for a favor to take on his daughter as a Handmaiden. Hoping with some training she might make a House; a very capable Lady in Waiting or even a wife.With Lady Wud’s recent passing, Lord Wud felt that Amylthaa still needs a feminine touch to continue her studies.

Lady Torys is not happy about this. But Amylthaa is trying to make the best of it. Despite this, Amylthaa has made many friends in the Hamlet and at the local Marketplace.

Amylthaa Wud

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