Castle Torys

House_Torys_castle.jpg Castle Torys originally started as a tower on a strategic bluff in the decade after the Rhoynar Landings. Many centuries afterwards, the Torys became somewhat prosperous through the livestock trade. Although an incident forced the House to pay the Tyrells a great portion of their wealth, the Torys had enough money to begin building roads, a hamlet, marketplace and a castle that incorporated the great old tower. Castle Torys became a familiar waypoint for many merchants traveling Dorne from east to west.

Castle_Torys_map2.png The castle has been built onto many times since then, but never quite achieving the size and scale that the Torys of old dreamed of. House Torys is considered one of the Petty Houses of Central Dorne, so they never achieved the status or wealth to build larger. The two towers to the front are the only indications of the House’s ambitions. Those towers host the master-at-arms, and the House’s arsenal, as well as extra gear.

The castle is still in good repair and a familiar waypoint for merchants and travelers alike.

Notable Servants of Castle Torys

kevven.pngKeven Parne: Steward to House Torys. He’s an old gentleman who has faithfully served House Torys for generations. Lord Torys has fond feelings for the old man, and he keeps the old man’s wish to not make quit his position. Some of his duties are filled by other servants or by the maesters. He knows plenty about the history of the household, and is always willing to talk.

Septa_Agata.pngSepta Agata: Governess of the House of Torys. Although not in the position of serving the spiritual needs of House Torys, the Septa has raised three generations of Torys children. Originally from King’s Landing, the Septa was ‘retired’ after a scandal, and shipped to Dorne, where she found work with House Torys. While she keeps the title and attire of Septa, it is more of a name than an actual title denoting actual position. She helps Kevven around the castle, and does small duties for the Lord and Lady.

gwyn.pngGwyn Camm: Valet to Lord Torys, Gwyn is more a part time servant, because he’s asked more often than not to be an escort to Amman Torys at Lord Torys’ request. He lays out the Lord’s clothing for the day, and keeps his gear in good repair. If Gwyn is sent out on duty, Erin Skinner fills that role for the most part.

molly_now.pngMollye Grye: Member of the kitchen staff of House Torys, Mollye was a servant from the House Wud that came with Amylthaa. Mollye is eager to serve House Torys in any capacity, especially if it involves intrigues of any sort. She is the cook’s assistant and know how to make most every traditional Dornish dish.

cati.pngCatilynn (Cati) Pye: Maid of House Torys. Jealous of the fact that Amylthaa usurped Catilynn’s bid to become Lady Torys hand maiden. She is also jealous of Amylthaa’s beauty and standing. She regards Amylthaa as an outsider in addition to being an obstacle to her ambitions to have a better position in the household not be another lowly servant.

Blacksmith.jpg Ponter Windsdalle: The castle and hamlet blacksmith. His shop is stationed in the castle proper, but House smallfolk can use his services. Ponter is a considered a good blacksmith, but her feels his talents are being wasted at the present moment. He has considered leaving House Torys and traveling to Sunspear or Plankytown to ply his trade.

Castle Torys

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