House Torys Overview and History


House Torys has had better years. It’s a shattered Household trying to survive the political games of the Dornish Houses. Although aligned with House Martell, relations have been strained with them at best. War and being a loyal household has taken its toll. House Torys threw their best men into Robert’s Rebellion, only to see them wiped out in the Battle of Trident. The House can now only muster about fifty soldiers on horses; and those soldiers are just boys looking for naive glory. Not too long ago, Maester Lyman passed away, and all the Citadel could muster as a replacement was a boy who fancies himself a maester. The House also had a small detachment of anointed Knights before the war, now all gone, save a squire. Lord Torys’ heir is a ward with House Arryn, so the second son prowls around, scheming. At least the castle is still in good repair, the cattle and horse still supply some needed coin, and the market in the hamlet still attracts local goods, so all is not lost. Lord Torys spends his time riding with his Master of Falcons and hunting small game.

Today is more fortuitous than most, for the Lord and his Falcon Master found a rare Dornish tortise, a sign of good luck and prosperity from the time of Nymeria herself. House Torys has earned its due, and now it’s time for the Seven to pay up.


House Torys was formed at the time of the Rhoynar Invasion, making this an Old House. Here are the events that have made the House what it is today:

1) Scandal: The Heir to House Torys produced an illegitimate child with the Heir of another Household while she was betrothed to the Heir of a greater House. The child was made legitimate by means of a ‘crossbow’ wedding to the Heir of House Torys.

2) Decline: Mounting gambling debts causes the Lord of House Torys (the former illegitimate child) to give away House lands and wealth to cover the expenses.

3) Ascent: The Illegitimate Lord, as he was called, was forced to take the Black and his younger sibling, assumed control of the House, building it up to almost be on par with its former glory.

4) Decline: The heir to the Builder of the House is involved a duel with a diplomat from the Reach. Kills the diplomat, and creates a crisis between both lands. Prince of Dorne forces the House to pay tribute to the Reach to patch up the problems created.

5) Infrastructure: The House settles and begins to heal up some of the damage that the past heirs have created. Hamlet and marketplace created at this time.

6) Ascent: The House realizes gains from internal building. Marketplace and hamlet thrive, allowing recovery of previous losses.

7) Defeat: House Torys is heavily invested in the Dornish forces during Robert’s Rebellion, but loses badly in the Battle of the Trident. All knights and most of the seasoned footmen are killed. King Robert demands tribute from Dorne for their part in the rebellion. House Torys is taxed heavily to help pay for the King’s demands.

House Torys Overview and History

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